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16 OZ. RECTANGULAR BLOCK - This larger block is often mounted in the polypro holder and provides effective larger area odour control.
A viscous ready-to-use pearlized hand cleaner with a smooth rich lather, which removes soil and grease with ease. This product contains a hand softening emollient, which will leave the skin feeling soft. It contains no abrasives and can be used in all dispensers designed for liquid hand soaps. Available in 4l and 20l.
Pearlized White Liquid hand soap
A viscous ready-to-use pearlized White hand soap with a smooth rich lather. This product contains a hand softening emollient, which will leave the skin feeling soft. It contains no abrasives and can be used in all dispensers designed for liquid hand soaps. Available in 4l and 20l.
Unique formula Peek cleans, polishes and protects all metals, fiberglass and ceramics. It is non-toxic, anti-oxidant, and contains a protective ingredient against tarnishing. The product is available in a paste form for heavy duty initial cleaning as well as in an aerosol foam for ongoing maintenance. Available in 1000 gr. tin, and 100 gr. tube.
A neutral pH, pine scented hard surface cleaner for floors and walls that will not harm or remove floor finish. Available in 4 l and 20 l.
Pine-Sol® All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner
Clorox Commercial Solutions™ Pine-Sol® All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner is a registered Health Canada disinfectant that leaves behind a crisp and clean Pine scent letting everyone know it's clean long after you've finished cleaning. The Power of Pine-Sol®. The Smell of Clean. QUICK FACTS * Disinfects, deodorizes and cleans * Registered Health Canada disinfectant * DIN 02314789 * Can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including floors, sinks and countertops * Makes up to 270 litres Packaged in 4.25 liter bottles 3 bottles / case
This truly remarkable product is used to remove a variety of coatings including paint, varnish, varethane, grease, glue, epoxies, graffiti, lacquers, etc. It can also be used to remove gaskets and glued down carpet. Power Strip can be controlled to partially remove coatings such as paint by simply neutralizing its action with water when the desired effect is obtained. Available in 510 gr. aerosol tin, or Case (12).
Premier superior floor finish
This floor finish offers high gloss, superior durability, excellent detergent resistance and is well suited for low, periodic and high maintenance schedules. It has outstanding lay down gloss and gloss retention and it responds well to burnishing. It will maintain its gloss even in high traffic areas. It also has excellent scuff, black heel mark, and overall wear resistance. Available in 4l. and 20 l.
Pristine All-purpose cleaner
A highly versatile, all purpose, neutral cleaner suitable for a wide range of housekeeping, janitorial and light to medium industrial applications. It is approved by the Environmental Choice program. Available in 4 l.
PROTECTION PLUS is a floor finish that provides excellent gloss off the mop, superior durability, dries quickly and it responds quickly to burnishing. Its ease of application is well suited for low, periodic and high maintenance schedules and ensures trouble-free applications. It has excellent resistance to humidity, detergents, scuff, black heel mark and overall wear resistance and provides superior protection and brilliance to your floors. Available in 4 l. and 20 l.
A polymer base and silicone coating designed to protect, beautify and preserve. This spray polish resists scuffs and fingermarks. To obtain an instant and durable high shine, just spray and polish. It has a wide variety of applications such as chairs, counter tops, leatherette, vinyl, dashboards. tires, etc. Available in 4 l.
proxi spray and walk away
Stain Remover / Deodorizer for carpets and upholstery. PROXI is an aqueous, one part cleaning composition consisting of Hydrogen Peroxide (Oxygen Bleach), a stabilized oxidizing agent and compatible formulation ingredients. Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down organic compounds, body fluids, grease and grime, coffee and mildew. The result is a gradual fading of the stain. PROXI dissolves organic matter eliminating related odors. Cleans and Dries Quickly * No Rubbing * No Scrubbing * No Rinsing * Eliminates odours * Non-Bleaching Available in 946 ml bottle
Purell hand sanitizers are a great solution where cleanliness is an issue. Purell hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs that may cause illness. Can be used anywhere, anyplace without water or towels. Leaves hands feeling refreshed without a sticky residue. Alcohol based.