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A non-foaming dishwashing powder containing chlorine for excellent soil and stain removal. Effective free rinsing agents assure spot free glasses and dishware. This product was designed for use under all water conditions including hard water and is ideally suited for food plant use. Available in 20 kg. bag
This aerosol polish is ideal to keep stainless steel surfaces clean and shining. Use it to clean and polish stainless steel equipment, exhaust hoods, elevator doors, brass or chrome fixtures. Available in 400 gr. tin or Case(12).
A blend of cleaners and polishers forming a white, water based emulsion that is very effective in maintaining the optimum look of stainless steel, aluminum and chrome surfaces. Metalon cleans and polishes metal surfaces without leaving any oily, greasy films or unsightly smears while providing a durable coating to protect against fingermarks, stains, tarnish or corrosion. Available in 4 l.
This product is often used as an additive to prevent window cleaning solutions from freezing in cold weather. Available in 4 l. and 20 l.
Miraclean Sponges
The #1 "marks and stains" problem solver" Use for removing tough marks, annoying stains and ground-in dirt. The industrial version of the "eraser sponge" Ideal for removing permanent pen marks, lime scale, scuff marks, stains on whiteboards, greasy fingerprints and much more. Packaged 12 pads / pkg 12 pkg / case (144 pads)
Mountain Organic
Effective to -23 C° (-9 ° F) Mountain Organic Natural™ Icemelter works effectively on ice and snow during tough winter conditions to -23°C (-9°F). Concentrated Power Mountain Organic Natural™ Icemelter begins to work immediately. Use 50 – 100 grams per square metre (1/4 – 1/2 cup per square yard). Safe on Concrete Mountain Organic Natural™ Icemelter does not chemically affect quality air-entrained concrete or treated wood. It allows for a greater volume of water to evaporate, assisting in the prevention of damage to concrete associated with freeze/thaw cycles. Safe on Vegetation Mountain Organic Natural™ Icemelter is a fertilizer-based product which will not harm vegetation or soil structure when used as directed. It is harmless to groundwater systems. Safe to Handle Mountain Organic Natural™ Icemelter will not harm humans or animals. It is safe to handle. Gloves are optional. WHMIS exempt in Canada. OSHA exempt in USA. Clean to Use Mountain Organic Natural™ Icemelter does not leave an oily residue. It reduces to a colorless and odourless liquid, with a more neutral pH balance. Safe for Prolonged Storage Mountain Organic Natural™ Icemelter will not lose its effectiveness during prolonged storage or when opened. It does not require special handling procedures or special storage facilities. Product of Canada Mountain Organic Natural™ Icemelter is manufactured and packaged in Canada.
An inhibited, highly concentrated acid used to remove rust, hardwater scale and other accumulations from water cooled equipment, water jackets, heat exchangers, and heating coils. Available in 4 l.