Clarke BextSpot Carpet Spotter

The BEXTSpot Pro ® provides a compact, lightweight highly portable tool for quick carpet or upholstery spot clean-up. With a 1 gallon tank, there is plenty of solution capacity for the emergency small jobs that present themselves in schools, offices, food service areas or healthcare facilities. With a powerful pump and vacuum motor, this very convenient machine gets the job done fast, and can then be stored away out of sight.

Clarke EX20™ Extractor

EX20™ portable extractors are the culmination of a major engineering and design initiative of Clarke that emanated from direct field input of cleaning technicians who used high performance portable extraction machines every day. The EX20 represents a dramatic step forward in implementing unique, productivity enhancing features that considered even the minutest detail. These features go a step beyond traditional componentry that is common to most extractors – pumps and vacuum motors – and take into account the most common annoyances expressed by cleaning technicians. For example, moving the solution tank filling site to a location where the inevitable spill does not come in contact with any electrical components or switches. No detail was overlooked.

Model EX20™100H
▪ Single, 3 stage vacuum motor
▪ 140 inch waterift (suction)
▪ 100 p.s.i. Pump
▪ 1750 watt in-line heater
▪ Lifetime warranty on heater
▪ 12 gal solution tank
▪ 11 gal recovery tank
▪ 2 cords (each 25 ft length)

clarke EX30™ Carpet Extractor

The EX30 is designed with the end user’s needs in mind. Features like upright, dolly design for easy loading, unloading and stair climbing make the EX30 easy to handle by one person. Wand caddy, retractable cord wrap and large rear wheels make the EX30 very easy to transport. For maintenance, it doesn’t get any easier than the EX30 pallet design. Simply open the hinged tanks for full access to all internal components on the machine.

But it is the “Easy Transport” features of the EX30 that crown it already as the king of mobility. A special wand caddy is molded into the design of the machine. A retractable hose wrap holds your vacuum and solution hose. Cord wraps hold your electrical cords. It is the easiest high performance extractor in the world to move through a facility.

For performance, the EX30 has all the power and versatility you expect a Clarke extractor to have and more! Dual vacuums and on-demand 212° F heat provide unmatched cleaning power, but don’t take our word for it, let the proven performance of the CRI Gold certification speak for the power of the EX30!

▪ Dual 3 stage vacuum motors
▪ 200 inch waterlift (suction)
▪ 50 – 500 p.s.i. Pump (adjustable)
▪ 2000 watt in-line heater
▪ Lifetime warranty on heater
▪ 12.5 gal solution tank
▪ 10 gal recovery tank
▪ 2 cords (each 25 ft length)

Clarke EX40™ 16ST & 18LX Extractors

The CRI Certified Clarke EX40™ 16ST and 18LX Self-Contained Extractors combine Clarke’s proven high level cleaning performance with new features designed to maximize ease of use and efficiency.

Building on Clarke’s 100 years of building durable, robust and effective cleaning equipment, the Clarke EX40 16ST and 18LX self-contained extractors provide you with a proven ability to clean carpets efficiently and rapidly. A new, larger tank means fewer refills and longer cleaning time, while the unique handle design provides enhanced maneuverability and ergonomics. These machines are designed to not only make cleaning easier, but faster, too.

▪ Easy to Use One-Touch controls located on panel
▪ High contact floating brush head
▪ Easy access front-mounted drain hose
▪ Self-aligning vacuum shoe provides improved suction
▪ Faster drying times
▪ Ergonomic handle for better control
▪ Removable recovery tank


Model EX40™16ST
16 inch cleaning path
9 gallon solution tank
7 gallon recovery tank
120 p.s.i. pump
1.5 hp; 3 stage vacuum motor

Model EX40™18LX
18 inch cleaning path
12 gallon solution tank
10 gallon recovery tank
120 p.s.i. pump
1.5 hp; 3 stage vacuum motor
Flip handle

Clean Track® 12

The small footprint and straight-forward controls make the Clean Track® 12 easy to operate, maneuver, and transport. The 12-inch cleaning path allows extraction in tight spaces such as elevators. The laminar-flow shoe and controlled water usage assist with faster dry times so normal traffic can resume without extended interruption.

• Laminar flow vacuum shoe
• Single spray jet technology
• Self-leveling brush
• No-tools removable brush
• See-through solution lid
• Removable solution filter
• Compact, portable yet
professional grade
• Easy operation


4” HAND TOOL - This tool has 1 jet with a closed design, narrowing and concentrating the spray pattern. It is connected to the standard hose assembly provided with the extractor.

CREVICE TOOL - Stainless steel construction, with internal spray and non-drip vacuum bleeder.

* See your sales rep for a full line of hand tools

ProBlitz™ XP AirMover

The telescoping handle and soft ride wheels on the ProBlitz XP AirMover allow for easy transport and storage, making it ideal for small operations to large disaster or restoration projects. With 3 fan speeds and 3 operating positions, the ProBlitz XP AirMover tackles every air circulation requirement with ease.

Drying Positions: Three - 0°, 60°, 90°
Warranty: 3 years on parts, labor and motor. Lifetime on molded housing.

Watts: 360 W
Weight: 28 lbs.
Airflow: 2200 CFM
Amps: Low - 2.4 A, Medium - 2.7 A, High - 3.0 A


DOUBLE BEND 2 JET - A 12” stainless steel scrub wand ideal for professional and heavy duty use.

SINGLE BEND 1 JET - A 12” stainless steel scrub wand that is more economical and suitable for moderate use.

ECONOMY 1 JET - A 10” stainless steel scrub wand that is ideal for smaller jobs and less frequent use.


These 12 gal. units feature twin vacuum motors capable of producing 150” of water lift. The pumps are available in 100, 200 or 500 P.S.I. models. All units are available with internal heaters capable of heating solutions to 198 degrees. All units complete with a 25’ vacuum and solution hose assembly. The design and features of this unit make it ideal for professional carpet cleaners and heavy duty, long use.