An industrial strength wiper that will out-perform most other wipers on the market. ALL-WORKS are very absorbent and durable, and because of the material it has a great hand feel and reduces the amount of residue on surfaces when wiping.

#02750 – 11” roll, white (12 rolls / case)

#02821 – 9.8” x 16.4” sheets (4 pkg. of 180 / case)


TERRI - A variety of uses for this white terri-cloth wiper. Can be used wet as a bar wipe or slightly damp as a duster. All four edges are sewn. Approx. 15” x 18”.

FLANNEL – (Cloth diapers) These wipers are the softest, most lint-free wipers that can be used wet or dry. Sewn edges. 15” x 16”.


B-grade bar wipers are packaged in 5 lb. bundles, which contain approximately 40 towels.


Micro fibre has more than 40 times the surface area compared to normal fibers, resulting in a material that is capable of efficiently removing, absorbing and accumulating virtually any type of dust, dirt, grease or contaminant. Measures 16” x 16”

QUICKSTAR MICRO FIBRE – Non-woven, best performing micro fibre cloth on the market today.

NanoTech micro fibre cloth

NanoTech micro is a microfibre cloth, but that’s not all.
The secret lies in the nano particles of silver that have been embedded in the microfibre composition. And when silver gets in direct touch with bacteria and germs, it kills them. All in all it efficiently prevents bacterial growth, and the effect does not fade away when cloths are being washed.

NanoTech micro advantages
• Designed with a combination of endless microfibre and nano silver particles
• 99.9% bacteria or germs removal when wiping surfaces. (Certified by BMA).
• No growth of bacteria or germs on cloths
• Enables you to omit tumble-drying as cloth can be stored in moist condition up to 24 hours without bacteria growth. Saves time and means significant reduction in cleaning start-up time.
• No odour from cloth in use
• Keeps antibacterial properties also after several hundred washing cycles.

With the colour coding system, a cleaning process according to hygiene standards can be applied. Available in blue, green, yellow and red.


Recycled and used colored terri material such as bath robes and toweling. Medium to heavy weight. Lower priced than terri rags.
Packaged in 20 lb. box.


Mainly cotton and cotton blend sweatshirt materials. Used where a heavier, absorbent wiper is required.
Packaged in 20 lb. box.


Light weight cotton and cotton blends such as shirts and blouses. Low lint factor.
Packaged in 20 lb. box.


Medium weight cotton and cotton blends. Our most economically priced rags.
Ideal for industrial applications.
Packaged in 20 lb. box.


New white terri toweling millends. Highly absorbent, can be used for a variety of cleaning applications.
Packaged in 10 lb. box.


Ideal for the toughest, messiest clean-up problems. Heavy duty polyester fibers are woven into a strong edge-to-edge grid to help prevent shredding and tearing. Four ply construction makes these wipers very absorbent, strong, and reusable.

#2130 - 9 3/4” x 175 Ft. rolls. Case(6).

#2180 - Portapac 13” x 15”. 6 Boxes(100) per Case.

taskbrand all-purpose towel

These economical green wipers have been an industry standard for many years (think J-Cloths). They have a variety of uses such as wiping kitchen equipment, tables, counters, windows and cleaning restrooms. They can be cleaned and are reusable several times. Each towel measures 12” x 21”.
Packaged in Box (150).

taskbrand food service towel

These blue wipers are more densely woven than the Taskbrand "all-purpose" towel above and provide greater absorption and durability. Each towel is engineered with Microban to combat the growth of bacteria, yeasts, molds and fungi that commonly get trapped in foodservice towels. Machine washable, rinsable and absorbent for general wiping tasks.
Ideal for restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, etc.

Each towel measures 13” x 21”.
Packaged in Box (100).