This large 6 gal. bucket features an exceptionally wide opening to accommodate up to 18” wide window scrubbers. A comfortable, contoured handle reduces strain in moving this pail.

Overall size: 19” x 9 1/2” x 9 1/2”.


TWIST LOCK - The anodized aluminum sections of these heavy duty extension poles telescope and lock with a quick twist of the wrist. Threaded nylon tip fits most window brushes. Available in 8’, 12’, 18’and 29'


The Ettore squeegee is the tool of choice for professional window cleaners. Manufactured from tempered, solid brass and flawless rubber blades.
Stock sizes: 12”, 14”, 18” and 22”

Rubber refills available in all sizes.


The unique blade guarantees streak-free cleaning while the heavy duty netting loosens any oily film and dirt quickly but does not scratch the glass. A superior sponge holds enough cleaner to scrub the whole window without allowing drips.

Available in 8” and 10”.

Handles must be ordered separately - 12” or 20” length.


BUCKMASTER NATURAL - 100% cod-oil tanned natural chamois. Pulls water off surface with ease. This is the chamois used by professionals.
Stock size is 19” x 20”.

RAMM SYNTHETIC - Synthetic alternative to natural. Stays soft and pliable at all times and can be boiled to clean. Not affected by oils or grease. Tough and highly absorbent for long life. Stock size is 15” x 18”.


This economy squeegee has a resilient, high quality rubber blade in a non-corrosive aluminum channel to assure fast, streak-free cleaning. Comfortable polypro handle is well balanced and does not transmit cold.

Available in 12”, 14” and 18”

Rubber blades are not replaceable on this style of squeegee.

Ettore Backflip Window Washing Tool

Double your productivity - with a touch of a button you can use individually or in a time saving combination.

The Backflip combines the 14" "Golden Glove" scrubber with a 12" quick release brass squeegee

Golden Glove Microfibre Refill

Clean on a microscopic level; let the microfibre do the dirty work. Picks up 5 times its weight in water and yet dries fast.

Available in 14" and 18" sizes.


These scrubbers loosen dirt yet won’t scratch fine surfaces. Special synthetic, absorbent fibre gloves fit over high-impact ABS straight T-bar with special water-holding reservoirs to keep scrubber wet longer.

Available in 14”, 18” and 22” sizes.

Refills available.

Golden Glove Scrubber - Porcupine Washer

This double-action washer is interwoven with thousands of flexible scrubbing bristles that cut through dirt and insects yet is gentle on glass and aluminum. Fits on Golden Glove T-Bar handles.

Available in 14" and 18" widths.


A complete and attractive line of both stiff and flexible putty knives. Half tang, spring steel blades, heat treated and polished. Available in 1 1/4”, 3”, 4”, 5” widths. Plastic handle securely fastened with one compression rivet. Hole in handle to hang tool in the workshop.


Safe, comfortable metal handle and a single edge retractable blade for scraping or cutting. Ideal for great removal of wax build up around baseboards or removal of paint on windows. One blade included with purchase. Refills are available in packages of 5 or bulk boxes of 100.


#37500 SCRAPEMASTER - Hard on dirt, easy on your budget. 4” wide double-edged flex steel blades conform to the shape of the glass. Tough plastic handle comes with snap-on protective cover.
Refill blades available (Pkg./10).

#37510 SUPER SCRAPER – Metal 4” scraper with both a sharp and dull side to each blade, angled to scrape either windows or floors. Refill blades avail. (Pkg./10).

Soltice Window Cleaning Kit

Kit includes 10' extension pole, 10" and 14" scrubber t-bars, 10", 14" and 18" stainless steel squeegee channels with rubber blades, stainless steel squeegee handle


This wooden adapter converts threaded poles into tapered poles to fit Ettore window tools.

The Ettore single squeegee holster attaches conveniently to a belt and holds one complete squeegee.


Professional window brushes that come with naturally flagged-end bristles are soft and won’t scratch glass. The dense fill holds the maximum amount of water. Available in a variety of sizes to suit different jobs.

(For a look at the complete line of Window Brushes available go to the "Broom and Brushes" Section of this website)


QUICK RELEASE HANDLE - A quick flick of your thumb and you’re ready to change channels. The soft rubber grip means warmer hands and a better grip.

SWIVEL HANDLE - with quick release. For use on awkward angles – particularly good for indoor solariums.