Flat Mop Bucket / Wringer

Vileda's new "UltraFlex" Bucket and Wringer designed for use with the "UltraSpeed" flat microfibre mopping system.

UltraSpeed is a new, easy to use, modular floor cleaning system with a revolutionary press. With the new press you’re able to achieve better press results. Cleaned floors are getting dry faster and can be used after a short time. The system features with low cost, light weight materials, fast and effective press, durability and several mops for different applications

UltraFlex Bucket with Castors features a large 34 litre/36 quart bucket. An extended leg design, which helps prevent excessive back bending, is available as an add-on feature

Flat Mop Wringer

If you are looking for the most up-to-date, innovative and ergonomic bucket and wringer system on the market – look no further. It´s here and it´s the UltraFlex system from Vileda Professional, now available with the UltraSpeed flat mopping wringer. Engineered from the ground up, UltraFlex has been designed to perform the most hygienic cleaning of floors available today.

Designed for use with UltraSpeed flat mop system.


Converts your regular wire dustmop frame to accept Micro-Wet and Micro-Dry pads. Eliminates the need to buy additional frames. New generation Velcro backing lasts longer, holds up to repeated launderings.

Available to frame conversions from 18” to 48” sizes.


With the added looped fringe the Micro-Dry pad will pick up and hold more dust and larger debris. Pads are made with ultra fine 100% micro fiber. The microfibre cloth’s static electricity and capillary effects help to absorb and remove micro-particles, dirt, oils and moisture without the use of chemicals.

Available in 18” and 48” widths.


Provides greater control in cleaning. The inside is cushioned with a soft foam padding which makes it quite comfortable to use while polishing. Super absorbent, microfiber can hold 8 times its weight in dirt, dust and moisture.


The Micro-Scrunge removes small scuff marks and shoe markings without bending. Easy to put on the handle. Not attached to the pad, Micro-Scrunge allows you to change from one tool to another quickly, thereby allowing the operator to use his foot for scrubbing.


Micro-wet pads are made with ultra fine micro fibers that remove more dirt and bacteria than traditional mopping methods. Can be used on any floor or wall surface. Ideal for mopping of laminate floors. New generation velcro backing lasts longer, holds up to repeated launderings and attaches securely to our frames.

Available in 11”, 18”, 24” and 36” widths.

microfibre tube mop

This innovative wet mop is made from 100% microfibre fabric sewn into tubes to form the "yarn" of the mop. Because microfibre has millions of microscopic fibres, it picks up dirt and absorbs liquids far better than traditional mop yarn. An excellent choice for general purpose cleaning or spill pickup. As an added bonus, the wide headband is made of a rough scrubber cloth that can be used to remove dried-on dirt. Use with narrow-band or wide-band style handles.


This light weight aluminum frame has a trapezoid shape for corners. The hook and loop will hold all pads securely. Complete with non-marking end caps and an interlocking collar that will allow for most types of handles.
A 360 degree swivel head allows for easier movement of frame.

Available in 18”, 24” and 36” widths.

rubbermaid pulse

Clean more square feet in less time with the Rubbermaid Pulse. Industry best microfibre, on-board reservoir and user controlled release of solution mean cleaner floors faster, easier and more effectively.

* Lightweight aluminum construction
* Adjustable handle lengths between 20" and 72"
* 18 inch quick connect frame

UltraSpeed Flat Mop Frame

Versatile frame that can be used to clean floors, skirting boards, walls, staircases and ceilings. It’s easy to fit to the UltraSpeed mop pad and has an effective swivel joint with integrated ball catch.

Light (425g / 15 oz.) durable 40 cm/16” break away frame can be used with any of the UltraSpeed Microfibre dry, damp or wet mops.

UltraSpeed Micro-Lite Mop

All purpose microfibre mop for intensive cleaning. Polyamide stripes for easy cleaning of stubborn dirt. The unique strip fastening of mops means there is no need to remove them for wringing.
For wet and damp mopping. Can also be used for finish application (waxing)

UltraSpeed Mini Mop Bucket Kit

Created specifically for small area cleaning tasks,the compact 10 L bucket and flat mop makes it ideal for offices, cafes, small retailers and restaurants, as well as reception areas. UltraSpeed Mini is a small and compact system, that features the ergonomics, perfomance and hygiene benefits of the existing UltraSpeed range

UltraSpeed Mini bucket

Small and compact system with 10 L bucket and bionic press wringer.
Ideally used for small area cleaning tasks, like offices, cafes, small retailers and restaurants, etc. Bionic press wringer available in blue.

UltraSpeed Mini mop frame

Light and durable break frame with power zones underneath for increased performance. Swivel joint for easy cleaning of vertical surfaces.

UltraSpeed Mini telescopic handle

The textured finish gives an improved "soft grip". Handle extendable from 80 to 140 cm, with hook attachment for easy storage.

UltraSpeed Mini MicroMop

90% PES microfibres for outstanding cleaning performance
10% PA fibre (grey) for stubborn dirt removal
Colour coded tags can be cut off for a cleaning process according to hygiene standards.

UltraSpeed Mini SafeMop

Developed especially for the use on rough and safety floors
Extra hard cut pile brush fibres
Colour coded tags can be cut off for a cleaning process according to hygiene standards