Molded of durable plastic, this sign is the double-faced easel type that folds flat for easy storage. Unique engineered hinge prevents signs from overextending. All signs are permanently stamped with a message and picture.

Caution Sign - Executive Series

Elegant and sophisticated; This wooden caution sign is designed to work with a wide variety of Royal products, helping to make cleaning and waste management more efficient and safe.

* DURABLE RUBBER FEET help protect wood finish from liquids and floors from scratches.
* HARDWOOD FINISH with brass plaque provides elegant, upscale appearance.
* INTEGRATED CARRY HANDLE allows for easy transport, while the folding design allows for compact storage.
* TRILINGUAL warning messages provide effective communication to a broad audience.


SILKY - Constructed with a specially blended lint free yarn that will leave your floors streak free.

RAYON - Tight twist rayon yarn releases the floor finish efficiently and smoothly.

CANDY STRIPED - Looped end construction with specially designed fibre blend absorbs and releases more finish.
All finish mops available in 20 oz and 24 oz.


Special formulated nylon jaws will not absorb chemicals which cause other handles to become brittle and break. Jaws opens wide to make mop changes quick and simple. Collar locks onto handles tightly to make replacements of jaws easy and economical. Designed primarily for wide-band wet mops. Extremely light-weight aluminum handle. Available in 54” or 60”.


These are premium narrow band mops both in price and performance. They will last 5 to 8 times longer than cotton mops and can be safely laundered many times. They are constructed with looped ends and tailbands which keep the yarn ends from fraying and prevent tangling around furniture legs. Extra long length and fan shaped mop head results in increased area coverage. Orange in colour. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.

microfibre tube mop

This innovative wet mop is made from 100% microfibre fabric sewn into tubes to form the "yarn" of the mop. Because microfibre has millions of microscopic fibres, it picks up dirt and absorbs liquids far better than traditional mop yarn. An excellent choice for general purpose cleaning or spill pickup. As an added bonus, the wide headband is made of a rough scrubber cloth that can be used to remove dried-on dirt. Use with narrow-band or wide-band style handles.


Made with a durable cotton yarn, these mops deliver both high absorbency and superior durability. Designed for rugged cleaning in high traffic areas. Heavy duty poly coated headband mesh withstands harsh chemicals, laundering for the life of the mop and abuse when the headband is used as a scrubber

Available in 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz sizes.


RAYON - These mops eliminate initial preparation time, absorb immediately when new, provide good absorption and holding power and offer longer life.
Available in 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz sizes.

FANTIP - These Rayon mops are constructed with a tail tape that joins the strands just above the end of the mops. This prevents tangling and enhances coverage on the floor. Available in 20 oz and 24 oz sizes.


#80 - The plastic swing-away retaining bar allows for simple and fast mop changing. The roller adjustment knob
turns easily, securing mop in place. Wood handle with overall length of 64”.

SIDEWINDER - The plastic side-hinged gate allows for easy loading and unloading of your mop. Designed primarily for narrow-band wet mops. Equipped with aluminum handles in 54” or 60” making it very light.


Designed primarily for narrow-band wet mops. Economical metal head with quick-release design. Fully threaded wing-nut is less prone to stripping. 54” lacquered hardwood handle to provide overall 62” length.


This mop has a 9” wide superior absorbing sponge. The handle mounted lever provides effective roller wringing of sponge.
Refills available.

Ruff - T rough surface mop

Constructed of specially woven strands, Ruff-T absorbs twice as much liquid as conventional mops making Ruff-T an ideal mop for non-slip, non-skid surfaces.
• Our Ruff-T looped mop stands up to rough floor surfaces such as stone, terrazzo, concrete and other textured surfaces.
• Ruff-T is an excellent mop for the healthcare and food service industry as well as general maintenance use.
• Available in wide band only


Stands up to rough floor surfaces such as stone, terrazzo. Concrete and other textured surfaces. Constructed of specially woven strands, RUFF-T absorbs twice as much liquid as conventional mops making RUFF-T an ideal mop for non-slip, non-skid surfaces.

Available in 24 oz. size only.


A unique plastic head mop handle that is simple to use. Simply lift the lever to release the top bar for mop loading. It has no metal parts to rust or corrode and is ideal for sterilized cleaning conditions. Head is 7” wide.

WOOD HANDLE - 1 1/8” diameter. 54” and 60" lengths available.

FIBREGLASS HANDLE - 1” diameter. 54” and 60" lengths available.


These industrial grade yacht mops feature a more durable construction than conventional household mops. The mops are constructed using a 1”x 54” lacquered hardwood handle and come individually polybagged.
Available in 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz sizes.

RING TAIL MOP - Separate mop head only that can be used with any standard handle. Blended yarn and looped ends help to eliminate fraying, tangling and linting.