Five types of cleaning pads designed for most cleaning tasks.

White Cleansing Pad - for cleaning delicate surfaces.

Blue Pad - for medium duty tasks.

Brown Scrub ‘N Strip Pad - for heavy duty cleaning.

Black Stripping Pad - for extra heavy duty cleaning

Black Hi-Productiviy – an extra aggressive pad


#46 PADS - Use between screen and holder to maximize screen life and minimize loading. Strong nylon web construction contains hard working abrasive for additional cleaning power.

#55 SCREEN - Loosens carbonized grease and food debris from the grill when used with a #46 pad and a grill pad holder. Tough. abrasive action provides fast cleaning.

HOLDER - Protects hands from grease and burns.


Abrasive bricks made from glass insulation for use on commercial grills. Time-saving, non-scratching, non-clogging, safe and sanitary. Apply light coat of oil to grill and rub with grill stone.

HOLDER - Convenient holder allows more of the grill stone to be used before discarding and reduces incidence of hand burns.


#74 - A dual action, medium duty cleaning pad/sponge for most common cleaning jobs. Medium abrasive material on one side for scouring; absorbent "cellulose" sponge on the other side for wiping spills or applying cleaning solution to the work surface. Individually cellophane wrapped.

#7400 - Polyester sponge combined with a durable nylon abrasive pad for cleaning by hand.

HAND SCRUB PADS (#96, 9650, 86)

#96 - The original synthetic green scouring pad and still the performance leader. This medium duty pad is ideal for most common cleaning jobs. Measures 6” x 9”.

#9650 - This 3 1/2” x 5” green pad is ideal for cleaning kitchen equipment, cooking equipment, and counters. About twice the thickness of the #96 pad.

#86 - A tougher, more abrasive 6” x 9” green scouring pad ideal for kitchens and heavy duty cleaning.

Miraclean Sponges

The #1 "marks and stains" problem solver" Use for removing tough marks, annoying stains and ground-in dirt.

The industrial version of the "eraser sponge"

Ideal for removing permanent pen marks, lime scale, scuff marks, stains on whiteboards, greasy fingerprints and much more.

Packaged 12 pads / pkg
12 pkg / case (144 pads)

Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser®

Magically "erase" tough dirt, grime and scuff marks.

* No scouring or scratching.
* Moisten with water, no harsh chemicals

Packaged 4 pads / box


HAND - A utility pad tool for all types of tasks. This padlock hand scrub grips synthetic pads firmly even during the heaviest scrubbing.

SWIVEL - The universal locking collar makes it easy to use with all standard handles. It is ideal for hard-to-reach spots such as baseboards and under ledges.


NEVER RUST - This wool soap pad contains no steel so it will never rust. It contains effective grease-cutting detergents to promote fast, effective scouring.
Packaged 8 / box
12 box / case

S.O.S® STEEL WOOL SOAP PADS - S.O.S® Steel Wool Soap Pads cut through the toughest baked-on messes, power through greasy problems, and return shine to your pots, pans and more!
* Steel wool plus soap
* Cuts through tough, baked-on messes
* Removes rust stains
* Can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including stoves, pots, pans, tile countertops, grills and much more
* Contains no phosphorus

Packaged 18 / box
12 box / case


GIANT - This sponge is a natural cellulose fibre that is easy to use and is extremely tough and absorbent.
(4 1/4” x 6” x 1 1/2”)

JUMBO - The same sponge as the giant, but larger.
(4 1/4” x 7” x 1 5/8”)


Made from one continuous piece of stainless steel - no loose ends to break off. Commercial size.


Each package contains 16 pads of steel wool. A case contains 10 packages.

#0000 - Finest
#000 - Extra Fine
#00 - Very Fine
#0 - Fine
#1 - Medium
#2 - Coarse
#3 - Very Coarse