3M Easy Trap Duster

Using specially designed sheets, the 3M Easy Trap disposable dusting sheets traps and holds 6 times more dust, dirt, sand and hair than traditional dustmops and other disposable dusting systems. It's the more efficient way to dust.

5 inch wide roll is perforated every 6 inch.

60 sht/box

Carpet Sweeper

Featuring ABS rotor blades that outlast conventional bristle sweepers 8 to 1. The rotor blades are self cleaning and will not become tangled with string, lint or rubber bands. Large debris like popcorn, cigarettes, french fries and paper clips are easily removed. Available in 2 sizes:
#5325 Regular - 9" sweep path
#5327 Large - 12 1/2" sweep path


The 4 1/2” frame collapses for easy removal of 5” wide dustmops. It is made of heavy duty steel to withstand tough use. The frame provides 360 degree swivel action on the handle.
Available in 18”, 24”, 36”, and 48”

Collapsible Dustmop Refills

COTTON - Economical, durable, readily accepts mop treatment and is completely launderable. Tough polyester backing with very low shrinkage.

ASTROLENE - A blend of four different yarns, requires only half of usual application of mop treatment. Designed to withstand institutional laundering.


Provides 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil. Should not be used for paint spray, gases, vapours, asbestos of sandblasting.
Available each or box (20).


WOOLY WONDER - Natural lambswool attracts dust making this 28” long duster effective for arm’s reach surfaces.

HI-RISE - A lambswool duster with a 2 section, 46” long retractable handle.

OSTRICH FEATHER - Soft deluxe ostrich feather dusters come complete with 18” wooden handle. Safe for light dusting of more intricate objects.


VELVASHEEN AEROSOL - Unique formula gets more dust off the floor and with a low evaporation rate mops require less frequent treatment. 400 gr. tin.

SPRAYWAY DUST UP – This easy-to-use product controls dust on any surface. Spray it on your dust mop or cloth and prevent germ-filled dust from scattering


#3 PLASTIC - 12” charcoal grey dustpan

#6 METAL - 20 gauge 12” black metal dustpan

#7 METAL - 20 gauge 16” black metal dustpan


DYNA MIST is an outstanding water-based treatment designed for use on mops and cloths. When sprayed lightly it creates an electrostatic action that attracts and holds airborne dust, lint, grit, and other soils. Non-flammable and non-toxic.


A dry granular mineral that immediately absorbs floor spills of oil, grease, water and other liquids that drop to the floor in industrial plants, garages, petrochemical plants, etc. The product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-combustible and chemically inert. It retains its granular form even when saturated with liquids.

Available in 25 lb. bag.

Litter Collector - Tarp bag dustpan

Ideal for parks, schools, warehouses, shopping centers, condominium grounds.

* Lightweight aluminum frame with
rigid ABS blades
* 15 inch wide opening for easy
trash collection
* Easy bag replacement

Litter Scoop

The Litter Scoop holds more litter than any other dust pan, is economical, efficient, strong and durable. Its lightweight construction won’t bend or rust. The collection bags are constructed from a water-resistant, tear-resistant, woven poly material. Its 13” wide frame makes it ideal for easy pick up of bulk litter in big areas.

Replacement bags available


#64 METAL - Saves bending. The metal lobby has a 30” handle and is self opening and closing. Ideal for use in parks, industrial buildings, or shopping malls.

2531 PLASTIC - This lightweight, long-lasting lobby dust pan is easy-to-use. Its non-warp lip fits snugly to the floor. It has a hip-high handle made of “comfort feel” fiberglass with a built-in hang-up end cap.

Microfibre Duster

The micro-duster tool enables you to clean the hard to reach areas either by hand held or it can be put on an extension handle. The duster tool can be bent to allow for better cleaning of high fans or top of cabinets. The refill sleeves are made of ultra fine 100% microfibre. Micro duster refills are designed to withstand repeated washings and are sewn for superior strength.

Refill sleeves measure 4" wide x 21" long


For effortless pick up of debris in both indoor and outdoor environments. Lightweight and rustproof.

36 inch overall length.


Rug rakes simultaneously loosen and lift deeply embedded soil particles and pet hair for efficient vacuuming or hot water extraction. Use after cleaning to groom the carpet to a “like new” appearance.

Available in two sizes:
12” PERKY GROOMER - 12” head, light duty.
18” GRANDI GROOM - 18” head, heavy duty.


OIL BASED - This environmentally friendly sweeping compound powder is manufactured using a non-toxic, canola base rather than a petroleum based oil. Holds down dust for easier sweeping. Great for use on cement, concrete, marble and other floors in warehouses, stores and garages.
Available in 20 kg. box and 120 kg. drum


These cloths are made of long lasting flannelette, treated with VelvaSheen dust control treatment to attract dust while wiping. They can be used on any surface without causing streaking. They leave the surface with a clean, dry, lasting finish. Packaged in 5 cloths of 18”x 24”.


This kit is ideal for routine wall washing jobs and is also effective for overhead dusting. The raised rib design of the holder makes is possible to squeeze out mop in either side-press or down-press wringer without removing the mop from the holder. The wash mop is held firmly in place by tiny hooks. Refill mops are available.


A smaller dustmop ideal for small or hard to reach areas in offices, homes, retail shops or classrooms. Measures approximately 10” x 12”. The mophead is machine washable.