Ideal for cleaning vehicles. The molded plastic block protects vehicle finishes against possible damage.

10” x 2 1/2” with a flagged grey and orange PVC fibre.


Synthetic chamois alternative to natural. Stays soft and pliable at all times and can be boiled to clean. Not affected by oils or grease. Tough and highly absorbent for long life. 18” x 20”


Large genuine 100% cod-oil tanned natural chamois. Pulls water off surface with ease. This is the chamois used by professionals. 17” x 18”


This product is a top quality granular powder which contains a high percentage of phosphates to ensure excellent cleaning characteristics in a broad range of water conditions. It is a biodegradable material that dissolves readily in hard or soft water and will not corrode aluminum, chrome or painted surfaces.

Available in 20 kg. bag.

fabric cleaner plus

Quickly and effectively removes soils from most upholstered fabrics and similar surfaces. High foam cleans quickly but does not soak in, leaving the fabric clean and dry. For use on Velour seats, carpets, door panels and sun visors

Available in 539 gm tin


A top quality all purpose liquid butyl cleaner and degreaser. It can be used to clean almost any surface. It will not harm plastic, cloth, paint or vinyl. It contains surfactants, water softeners, active detergent builders and organic solvents. It is effective in cold or hot water, is safe on aluminum and is non-flammable.

Available in 20 l pail and 205 l drum.


A concentrated liquid pressure wash detergent designed to be used in power washers with hot or cold water. It contains solvents and emulsifiers for degreasing and loosening of heavy soil deposits and detergents to remove all dirt and road film. This product is safe to use on painted surfaces, metal parts, plastic, concrete and wood.

Available in 4 l and 20 l.

Sprayway Low pro tire shine

A quick easy to use high-gloss Tire Shine gives your tires a long lasting "wet-look" enhancing the overall appearance of your vehicle. Sprayway's Tire Shine formulation helps restore body, moisture and life to dried-out tires and trim. The custon spray pattern is perfect for narrow or low profile tires allowing you to spray and go - no wiping required! Formulated to not damage coated aluminum wheel and plastic wheel covers

Available in 20 oz tins (12 / case)

Vinyl Leather cleaner

Perfect for automotive and furniture and upholstery professionals
Cleans, protects, and restores vinyl tops and white walls to "like new" appearance
Leaves a finished touch of elegance - contains mink oil
Easily removes stains, smudges, fingerprints, salt, and dirt
Ideal for use on Naugahyde, vinyl, and leather