A concentrated balanced boiler compound for treatment of hot water boilers and closed systems operating at pressures of less than 900 psi. It contains nitrite, other corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, chelating agents and phosphate.

Available in 20 l.


Descaler is a non-foaming cleaner that can be used for descaling dishwashers, glass washers, coffee machines, etc. It contains a special blend of acids and non-foaming detergents.

Available in 4 l and 20 l.

Ecopure EP75 Graffiti Remover

Ecopure EP75 is a graffiti remover formulated with environmentally preferable ingredients. EP75 has low VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), all ingredients are biodegradable and there are no NPE's, no Methylene Chloride and no Butyl. EP75 will work fast and it will effectively remove spray paints, markers, and ink from both exterior and interior surfaces. EP75 is ideal for use on cement, brick, ceramic walls, metal lockers, desks and other hard surfaces.

Available in 946 ml and 4 liter sizes


An all purpose aerosol adhesive ideal for many lightweight bonding applications such as labeling. It’s non staining formula contains no chlorinated solvents.

Available in 510 gr, tin or Case (12).


A highly concentrated natural citrus degreaser which is environmentally safe and biodegradable. It removes carpet stains, gum, wax, glue, engine grease, ashphalt and tar from equipment. It is non-flammable and contains no chlorinated solvents.

Available in 4 l or 20 l.


An inhibited, highly concentrated acid used to remove rust, hardwater scale and other accumulations from water cooled equipment, water jackets, heat exchangers, and heating coils.

Available in 4 l.


This truly remarkable product is used to remove a variety of coatings including paint, varnish, varethane, grease, glue, epoxies, graffiti, lacquers, etc. It can also be used to remove gaskets and glued down carpet. Power Strip can be controlled to partially remove coatings such as paint by simply neutralizing its action with water when the desired effect is obtained.

Available in 510 gr. aerosol tin, or Case (12).


The removal or cleanup of silicone, adhesive and tape residue has always been a nasty job! The risk of damaging expensive surfaces or wasting materials can cost you real money. To say nothing of what it can cost you in lost time or in lost projects.

Now make your life easier! Introducing new Re~mov™ Silicone and Adhesive remover. Re~mov™ is specially formulated to "break the bond" between silicones and surfaces. And since Re~mov™ doesn't use flammable or corrosive chemicals (as do other "competitive" products) Re~mov™ makes your job both quicker and safer.

Re~mov™ is especially effective on "impossible" adhesives, even those in place for years, yet can be used on most finished or delicate surfaces without risk or damage. Very effective on wax, grease, tar, gum, sap and permanent marker.

Sprayway Granite & Marble Cleaner and Polish

Now cleaning your granite and marble is a one step process, not two. We know that you're busy and want a product with proven results, that is easy to use to maintain the beauty and luxury of your natural stone. Shake well, spray lightly on surface, and wipe clean to enhance the cleanliness and appearance of your stone or marble. Its clean, crisp fragrance makes is pleasant to use.

Sprayway Granite and Marble Cleaner contains no ozone depleting chemicals and will clean granite and marble countertops and sealed natural stone surfaces.

Available in 20 oz tin (12 / case)


A unique combination of several chlorinated and organic solvents together with a non-abrasive powder for use on hard surfaces. Unlike similar products which are thin fluids and will run down vertical surfaces, this product holds to vertical surfaces and will not run down. The small amount of fine powder in this cleaner will assist in rubbing out stubborn marks such as crayons, marker pens, lipstick, etc.

Available in 510 gr. tin or case (12).