Cleans and polishes stainless steel, chrome, architectural aluminum amd laminated plastic surfaces. Does not contain petroleum distillates, making it the ideal choice for use in food service areas.

Available in 21 oz. aerosol tin or case (12).


This aerosol polish is ideal to keep stainless steel surfaces clean and shining. Use it to clean and polish stainless steel equipment, exhaust hoods, elevator doors, brass or chrome fixtures.

Available in 400 gr. tin or Case(12).


A blend of cleaners and polishers forming a white, water based emulsion that is very effective in maintaining the optimum look of stainless steel, aluminum and chrome surfaces. Metalon cleans and polishes metal surfaces without leaving any oily, greasy films or unsightly smears while providing a durable coating to protect against fingermarks, stains, tarnish or corrosion.

Available in 4 l.


Unique formula Peek cleans, polishes and protects all metals, fiberglass and ceramics. It is non-toxic, anti-oxidant, and contains a protective ingredient against tarnishing. The product is available in a paste form for heavy duty initial cleaning as well as in an aerosol foam for ongoing maintenance.

Available in 1000 gr. tin, and 100 gr. tube.


Cleans, polishes and protects surfaces without hard rubbing or an oily residue. With a blend of cleaning solvents, detergents and fine oils, this product performs a superior cleaning job on your stainless steel.

Available in 510 gr. tin, or case (12)