This heavy duty, thick foam clings to vertical surfaces to loosen soil, grease and finish build up. Ideal for cleaning baseboards, floor corners & edges, and showers.

Availbale in 652 gr. tin or Case (12).


Sprayway baseboard cleaner and wax stripper is specially formulated to serve the housekeeping professional where floor machines can’t reach. The penetrating foam easily removes soil and wax build-up from baseboards, floors and ceramic wall tiles. Dirt and wax build-up are quickly emulsified by chemical action for easy removal, leaving a clean surface.

Available in 650 gr. tin or case (12).


Low Foaming/Low Odour Floor Stripper

Rochester Midland is proud to continue its legacy of innovative,
environmentally – preferable technology engineered to provide
industry leading performance.
Our next-generation ‘green’ stripper is highly competitive with
conventional chemistry. It’s low foaming and attacks all finishes –
‘green’ and conventional – instantly, whitening by re-emulsifying.

RML’s next-generation in green floor strippers is an effective,
low-foaming floor stripper that instantly goes to work. Just apply to your old floor coatings and watch the coating whiten-a sure sign of penetrating and dissolving the finish & waxy build-up on floors. Does not contain: MEA, 2-BE, APE, Caustic, EDTA.

• Phosphate Free
• Biodegradable*
• No Added Fragrances
• Non-Corrosive
• Contains No Hazardous Ingredients**
• No Alkalies
• Low Odour
* As per OECD 310D Test Method.
** Per WHMIS Hazardous Ingredient List.

Available in 4 liter


EP83 is a powerful, deep-cutting liquid, highly concentrated stripper. For easy removal of floor finishes, waxes, sealer and other topcoats without unpleasant odours.

Available in 4 l. and 20 l.


A versatile floor stripper that effectively removes conventional and environmentally preferred floor finishes. This low odour formulation evaporates slowly, allowing for a superior contact time. Does not contain any butyl, phosphate or ammonia. For use on most type of floors including vinyl, terrazzo, vinyl composition tile, ceramic tile and concrete floors.

Available in 4 l. and 20 l.


This product is an industrial strength used for a wide variety of general cleaning operations and for neutralizing floors after stripping.

Available in 4 l and 20 l.


This product is a pre-measured rinse-water additive to neutralize and remove alkaline residue after floor stripping.

Condition floors for better sealing, prevent leveling and powdering problems, and neutralize odors in one quick and easy step with Neutralizer/Conditioner.
Add to rinse-water to neutralize
and remove alkaline residue after floor stripping. Eliminates dulling
discoloring, and hazing so floor finishes look better and last longer.
Neutralizer/Condtioner removes brown water spots left in
carpets by hard water and the white residue left by some salt and ice
melt compounds.
Neutralizer/Conditioner can also be used as a chalkboard cleaner. Just add 1 packet to a window wash bucket and the results will amaze you. Extremely clean chalk boards in a fraction of the time, and your bucket water remains clean and clear even after cleaning many classroom chalkboards
Neutralizer/Conditioner can also be used to control urine odor in restrooms.

After cleaning or stripping, add contents of one packet of
Neutralizer/Conditioner to 20 liters of water. Stir to form a uniform solution. Apply solution
Pick up the distributed solution with a mop or wet vac., then let air dry. For other applications, simply allow to air dry


This is an economically priced heavy duty wax stripper suitable for metal interlock or conventional non-acrylic floor finishes. It can be used on vinyl asbestos tiles, resilient flooring, terrazzo or ceramic floors.

Available in 4 l. and 20 l.


This is our strongest stripper, equally effective on urethane based finishes or heavily built-up metallic finishes. Use this product for jobs too tough for conventional strippers.

It disperses evenly, has a low evaporation rate and is easy to rinse.

Available in 4 l. and 20 l.


Where other strippers fail Zip Strip excels. This easy to use stripper is safe to use on most types of floors with or without a floor machine. It’s great for small areas where a floor machine has no access. This high powered solution contains no harsh ammonia or high alkalinity.

Available in 4 l. and 20 l.