A highly active liquid formulated with a blend of selected micro organisms (cultured bacteria)and enzymes to provide breakdown of fats, grease, cellulose and other organic waste substances. For use in drains, grease traps, porta-toilets, septic and waste holding tanks.
No residue, environmental friendly and safer to use than harsh chemicals.
Acid Free. No harsh fumes.

Available in 4 L and 20 L.


This organic formulation offers a new approach in one step degreasing and deodorizing. It will remove oil and grease from most surfaces while leaving a fresh, natural citrus scent. For use in grease traps, garbage trucks, septic tanks.

Available in 4 L and 20 L.


Torpedo goes into action on contact with water in drains or grease traps to melt grease and other obstructions to allow free flowing. Use in sinks, toilets, floor drains, grease traps, clogged drinking fountain drains, septic tanks, cesspools. Enhances bacterial action in septic tanks and cesspools.

Use regularly to keep drains free running and odour free.
For professional use.

Available in 909 ml. bottle or Case (12).

xtreme liquid drain opener

XTREME is formulated to quickly dislodge obstructions in drains without the use of strong acids. It will effectively dissolve soap, grease, sludge, paper, cloth and hair. Recommended for use in sinks, floor drains, septic tanks and cesspools.