This carpet cleaning chemical which is instantly soluble in either hot or cold water quickly emulisifies dirt allowing it to be flushed to the surface to be vacuumed away. It leaves no oily or tacky residue to promote re-
soiling and its antimicrobial ingredients afford protection against moulds and bacteria.

Available in 909 ml., 4L, and 20L.


A very effective formulation that eliminates foam in the recovery tanks of hot water soil extractors, automatic scrubbers and shampoo machines. A small amount of defoamer can be sprayed directly into an extractor
filter / float mechanism to prevent blockage.

Available in 4L.

Ecopure EP62 Carpet and Fabric Stain Remover

Ecopure EP62 Carpet and Fabric Stain Remover is an aqueous solution containing a blend of biodegradable agents. This product dissolves coffee, red wine and other spots and stains, quickly and effectively.
- No phosphates
- No NPE's
- Fragrance and colour free
- No 2-butoxyethanol
- Ingredients are readily biodegradable according to OECD 301 Standard.

Available in 946 ml bottle


ED-300 Spotter is a high quality liquid stain remover based on a safe to use chlorinated solvent. It is most effective on petroleum based stains such as grease, oil, tar, shoe polish or marker pens.

Available in 4L.

EP68 4 IN 1 Carpet Cleaner

Ecopure EP68 4 in 1 Carpet Cleaner is a highly efficient cleaner for carpets where a neutral pH range solution is desirable. Use EP68 for carpet extraction, bonnet buffing, carpet spotting and as a traffic lane cleaner. The powerful cleaning agents in EP68 will quickly remove soils without harming the carpets. EP68 will resist re-soiling and effectively remove salt. EP68 is ideal for hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, fitness centers and virtually every other kind of facility.

Available in 4 liter and AV-Mixx 1.8 liter


An oxygen based bleaching solution designed to remove stains and brown discoloration due to leaching of backing material in carpets.

Available in 4 L.

proxi spray and walk away

Stain Remover / Deodorizer for carpets and upholstery. PROXI is an aqueous, one part cleaning composition consisting of Hydrogen Peroxide (Oxygen Bleach), a stabilized oxidizing agent and compatible formulation ingredients. Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down organic compounds, body fluids, grease and grime, coffee and mildew. The result is a gradual fading of the stain. PROXI dissolves
organic matter eliminating related

Cleans and Dries Quickly
* No Rubbing
* No Scrubbing
* No Rinsing
* Eliminates odours
* Non-Bleaching

Available in 946 ml bottle


This product is a sophisticated combination of chemicals with a fluoroethylene polymer base designed to form an invisible antistatic shield. It will keep dirt, dust and grime from clinging to fabric fibres and keep wet soil from penetrating.

Fabric Protector may be used on carpet, upholstery and drapes.

Available in 4L and 20L.


Carpet Neutralizer is a mild acid solution used as a final
rinse after wet-cleaning of carpets. It will neutralize the alkaline cleaners as well as stabilize the dyes and prevent carpet browning. It is not to be mixed with the cleaning solution and must be used as a rinse only.

Available in 4L and 20L.


A completely soluble, stable and highly effective detergent for dry-foam cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstered fabrics. Formulated for use in any application, electric, or manual with sponge or brush.

Available in 4L and 20L.


An excellent powdered pre-spray and carpet cleaning product for use in combination with hot water extraction equipment, It is based on active detergents and builders and a blend of enzymes which digest organic stains (urine, vomit, pet odour and most protein stains) while providing odour control on contact. This product is particularly pleasant to work with as it contains no solvents or harsh chemicals. Available in 20 kg. bag.


A special blend of chemicals has been combined to provide fast, efficient results on all types of carpet fibres. It is low foaming with a buffered pH control and contains optical brighteners for increased colour brightness.
Available in 4L and 20L.


This product is designed to loosen and dissolve “hard to clean” soil from high traffic areas of carpets prior to cleaning with hot water or steam extraction equipment. The prespray will not cause excessive foam and is safe to use on most carpets. It can also be used as a spotting agent and is effective in removing oil, grease, and other stains from carpets.

Available in 4L and 20L.

Sprayway Carpet Spotter Plus

Powerful carpet cleaner specifically formulated to remove tough spots and stains from carpets instantly. Forceful spray with non-foaming formula quickly penetrates for fast spot removal without rubbing or scrubbing

Available in 539 gr. tin or Case (12).


Sprayway chewing gum remover removes gummy substances, candle wax and putty with minimum effort. The “freeze” action feature hardens the gum enough to easily remove from carpeting, fabrics and hard surfaces.

Available in 198 gr. tin

Sprayway Fabric Cleaner Plus

Formulated for the automotive detail specialist. High foam cleans quickly but does not soak in. Cleans velour seats, carpets, sun visors and door panels without leaving the fabric wet.

Available in 19 oz (539 g) tin


This clear liquid is designed to eliminate static electricity by spraying on rugs, carpets, plastics, business machines, upholstery, fabrics, or anywhere else that static electricity is a problem. It also helps to retard the accumulation of dust and dirt which keeps surfaces cleaner for longer periods of time.

Available in 4L.


This product is used at full strength on extremely soiled or heavily tracked carpet area and leaves no residue when followed by hot water extraction. It also acts as an excellent general spotter for rugs, carpets and upholstery, leaving no offensive solvent odours.

Available in 909 ml., 4L, and 20L.


This biodegradable organic product actually lifts stains from carpets and upholstery. Just rub it in and blot. Leaves fibres clean and fresh smelling without any soapy residue. Effectively removes food stains, fruit juice, chocolate, coffee, ketchup, blood, pet stains and many more. Contains no solvents or acids.

Available in 32 oz.