A highly active liquid formulated with a stable blend of cultured bacteria and waste digesting enzymes which provide biological cleaning and odor-control by eliminating the source of the problem.

Excellent for use in restrooms (especially on floor tiles around urinals and toilets). Bactizyme digests uric acid salts, so foul odors from urinal drain lines are effectively eradicated.

Bactizyme can be used to clean washroom areas particularly the floors where urine can permeate into the floor causing unpleasant smells. The bacteria in Bactizyme will remove the stains and remove the odors.

Bactizyme can be used to clean both hard and soft surfaces. It is particularly useful for treating carpets, floorboards and upholstery in healthcare facilities and nursing homes where urine and other soils need to be removed and the odors controlled.

Bactizyme is pleasantly scented, non-toxic, contains no harsh chemicals and is completely bio-degradable.

Available in 4l jugs and 20l pails


BEAU cream cleanser is a powerful deep
cleaning cream that cleans all washroom
surfaces. It quickly and easily removes stubborn
stains and soap scum, and contains no harsh
alkalies or acids. Pleasant pine fragrance.

Available in 909 ml or Case (12).


Spray on and wipe off all-purpose cleaner. Can be used safely and effectively on sinks, tiles, toilets, counter tops, shower doors, stoves and refrigerators. Excellent for removing dirty hand prints from walls and doors, scuff marks on floors, crayon and grease spots and smoke film.

ORANGE CITRUS CRAZY CLEAN is formulated with ecologically safe citrus solvents.

Available in 539 gr. tin or Case (12).


EP76 quickly and easily removes soil, stubborn stains, grease, soap scum and scuff marks from a variety of surfaces leaving them smooth and clean. It is ideal for sinks, bathtubs, shower stalls, chrome, copper, brass, stainless steel, porcelain, enamel, ceramic tiles and many other hard surfaces.

Available in 909 ml. or Case (12).


A lactic acid based cleaner containing synthetic detergents and high foaming wetting agents, designed for cleaning and descaling soap residue and hard water from showers, wash bays, etc. This product is also designed for removing soot in fire restoration cleaning.

Available in 4L. and 20L.


This foaming all purpose cleaner disinfects, deodorizes and cleans in one easy step.

Available in 439 gr. tin or Case (12).

OLE cream cleanser

This creamy lotion cleanser is biodegradable and can be used on practically any surface. It is effective for use on ceramic tiles, bowls, sinks, tubs, enameled, stainless steel and fiberglass surfaces. It contains no phosphates and it is anti-bacterial, so that it sanitizes as it cleans.

Available in 909 ml. or Case (12).

royal all-purpose washroom cleaner

A highly concentrated, all-purpose bathroom cleaner, descaler and sanitizer. An all around cleaner that can be used on walls, floors, fixtures, faucets, countertops, sinks, tubs, urinals and toilets. It kills germs and revitalizes bathrooms with a light fresh scent.

Available in 4 l

Tilex® Soap Scum Remove & Disinfectant

Cleans and disinfects glazed ceramic tile, plastic, chrome, fiberglass and
glazed porcelain.
Dissolves tough soap scum on contact without scrubbing.
Fresh Lemon Scent.
DIN #02294303

Available in 909 ml bottles


ZEO is a concentrated, all-purpose scrub-free washroom cleaner with strong foaming action, for fast and efficient removal of soils, such as hard water deposits and soap scum. ZEO is formulated to clean and deodorize all porcelain, tiles and acrylic surfaces.

Pleasant cherry fragrance.

4L concentrate (dilute 4:1)