This all-plastic scrub brush with an iron shaped handle is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue. The bristles are a white, durable synthetic fibre.


Useful for sweeping fine dust and dirt particles from counters and benches. Choose from two fibre selections.

#84 - Blend of horsehair and fibres allows this brush to sweep up the finest dirt.

#85 - This black synthetic fibre brush is our economy style, however, it is sufficient for most applications.


#322 DECK BRUSH - Red prostran bristles set in a 2-1/2” x 11” hardwood block provide a stiff scrub for smaller floor surfaces and uneven or grouted flooring.

#334 DECK BRUSH - The union bristles of this brush provide a medium stiffness for scrubbing.

Both of these brushes can be used with a tapered hardwood handle.


#5351 GROUT & CREVICE BRUSH - This handy brush is filled with black stiff nylon bristles. The long handle keeps hands from being scraped while the long-lasting bristles scrub away dirt and grime from grout and other crevices. Especially effective when used with the appropriate cleaning chemicals.

#60709 GROUT BRUSH - Allows you to clean narrow grout lines of floor tiles. Rugged plastic block swivels. Connects to any threaded handle (not included)

Scrub Brush #60702

Universal scrub brush swivels in any direction to clean floors, walls, baseboards and confined areas. Rugged plastic block with stiff white bristles.
Measures 14 1/4" x 10 1/4 " x 7"
Attached to any threaded handle (not included)


#150 BRUSH - This 9-1/2” x 2-1/2” industrial sized all purpose brush is constructed with a maple hardwood block and natural union fibre.

#164 BRUSH - A rectangular 5-3/4” x 2” hardwood block is filled with natural white tampico for a softer scrub that can be used in many applications including carpet tamping or spot cleaning.


Long and short handled utility brushes are available in a variety of fibres for soft to stiff scrubbing.

#828 - Overall length of 9” with a stiff white polyester fibre.

#398 - Overall length of 20” with a medium/stiff union fibre.

#848 - Overall length of 20” with a stiff white polyester fibre.

Wire Brush #99809

Four rows of steel are set in a 1" x 13" wooden handle provide a tough wire scratch brush.