Beard Cover - Non-Woven

Non-woven beard covers are made from polypropylene with a non-binding latex-free elastic band. They are ideal in clean or HACCP compliant work environments to prevent facial hair from contaminating food or other products. Light and breathable, our Beard covers offer a secure fit and maximum comfort during long wear.

* Breathable material for maximum comfort.
* Lightweight for comfortable and long term wear
* Latex-free to reduce risks of allergic reactions
* Available in white or blue
* One size fits all

Bouffant Cap

Bouffants are manufactured from non-woven polypropylene with a latex-free elastic headband for lightweight yet secure protection during long wear.

* Available in White or Blue
* Sizes 18 inch, 21 inch and 24 inch

Gown - Polyethylene With Thumb Loops

This strong cast polyethylene product is the only one of its kind with a smooth finish to inhibit bacterial growth. Gown features a high, apron style neck with "safety release" back yoke and built-in thumb loops to prevent sleeves from sliding up on the job. HACCP compliant, CFIA accepted for use in food applications and is ideal for any number of industrial or healthcare applications that require excellent particulate protection and barrier against water-based and non-hazardous liquids.

#31-500 One Size Cast Polyethylene Blue
79 x 45 Inches
1.2 mil thickness

Microporous Shoe Cover

Polypropylene shoe covers are coated with a non-skid microporous film that provides excellent resistance to tears and moisture for excellent safety and hygiene in food, healthcare, pharmaceutical or other light industrial applications. Strong and durable, they protect workers and the workplace from dirt, grime, splashes, spills and contaminants.

* Abrasion resistant
* Anti-slip for fall protection
* Barrier against fine dust and dry particles
* Fluid resistant
* White in color
* One size fits all

Polyethylene Apron

With its lightweight tie-back design and smooth finish, the PEA3 is the disposable choice where protective apparel changes are frequent. These single-use aprons are made from polyethylene, which repels water and oil in food processing, manufacturing, construction and hygienic applications. They are CFIA accepted for use in food processing facilities and are available in white and blue for department coding in HACCP compliant environments.

* Compliant for contact with food
* Fluid resistant
* One size fits all
* 1 mil thickness

Polyethylene Sleeve

Polyethylene sleeves are 18 inches in length with elasticized ends for complete forearm coverage in any number of production, assembly or general manufacturing environments. They are CFIA accepted and available in blue and white, making them an ideal choice in food processing environments where HACCP compliance is a must.

* 18 Inches Long
* Elasticized at both ends for full arm protection
* Flexible and lightweight for ease of use
* Fluid resistant
* 1 mil thickness