80 lb Professional Ice-melt spreader

Chapin Model #82088
* Solid steel linkage opens and closes the gate in incremental steps
* 43% larger gate opening to allow product to flow smoothly
* Powder coated steel T-handle with comfort grips feature gate control at fingertips
* Patent pending poly conical auger helps agitate product and minimize clumping
* Adjustable salt baffle system helps spread salt only where you want it
* Easy to assemble
* 12” fully pneumatic tires provide stability over uneven terrain
* Powder coated steel frame directly supports hopper base and hopper
* Enclosed metal gears withstands the elements
* Unique two-piece hopper design allows for easy replacement of hopper
* New and improved gate opening: now 43% larger!
* All Season Spreader spreads salt/halite/ice-melt, fertilizer, seed and more with a simple gate adjustment
* Chapin SURESPREAD™ technology ensures an even pattern of distribution of product by combining our:
* Innovative gate design
*Strategic placement of gate

Ice Melters

Arctic Eco Green™ Icemelter is a powerful all natural deicer that is gentle on the environment, the surfaces it is applied to and harmless around children and pets.

Arctic Orange™ Icemelter is a powerful calcium chloride blend that melts ice fast. Heat is generated upon contact, making it an effective icemelter even in the harshest winter conditions.

Mountain Organic Natural™ Icemelter works effectively on ice and snow during tough winter conditions to -23°C (-9°F).
Concentrated Power

Liquid Safety Melt is a biodegradable, high performance, non-corrosion liquid deicer that is effective at temperatures below -26C. It is effective as a deicer or anti-icer and contains no corrosive chlorides so it is safer to use on structural and reinforcing steels.

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